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Dai Nippon is a philatelic society specialized in the philately of the Netherlands Indies during the Japanese occupation (1942-1945), the Republic of Indonesia (1945-1949), and related areas.


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Dai Nippon is een filatelistenvereniging van speciaalverzamelaars van Nederlands-Indië onder Japanse bezetting (1942-1945), de Republiek Indonesië (1945-1949) en aanverwante gebieden.

Ebay forgeries

We have received several complaints from a number of members against two specific sellers on eBay who are selling bogus overprints and/or phantasy products of, among others, the postage stamps issued during the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies, as well as the interim Republik including the so-called Vienna printings. These eBay members are currently selling under the names of ‘vaneekelen 5733’ and ‘postzegel_apart’.


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